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mkxf86config is a script used by knoppix to automatically generate an X config file. The current versions create Xorg files. In order to get this script working you must first emerge the script

Code: Code
###Emerge the package###
emerge mkxf86config

###Generate the config file###

If you get a "Unsupported" error then you may not have run hwsetup. In order to generate the config file a description of your systems hardware must be created. This is done using the hwsetup tool which creates the descriptions in /etc/sysconfig/. hwsetup is a dependency of mkxf86config and will have been installed in the previous emerge command.

Code: Code
###The -p option prints a nice progress bar to the screen :)###
hwsetup -p

###Re-run the mkxf86config script###

And you should have a fully working Xorg configuration script now!

Live CD

If you are using this on a live cd of your own then I recommend adding "hwsetup -p" into the mkxf86 startup script in /etc/init.d/. Add it just before the command in there. Dont forget to add the script to the default runlevel!

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