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The Software Enviroment

  1. - Gentoo 2005.1
  2. - Cedega 5.0.1 or higher from Transgaming
  3. - d3dx9_26.dll from DirectX 9.0c

The install trick

Copy all content from CD1 and move to /mnt/cdrom

$ mount /mnt/cdrom
$ mkdir /tmp/nfs
$ cp -rv /mnt/cdrom/* /tmp/nfs/
$ umount /mnt/cdrom
# mount --bind /tmp/nfs /mnt/cdrom

Edit /mnt/cdrom/AutoRun/autorun.cfg

Change this two lines to this values, and DON'T modify any other line...

File: /mnt/cdrom/AutoRun/autorun.cfg

Now we can install the game...

Howto Load

When we try to load the game, we receive a DirectX 9.0c error (file d3dx9_26.dll not found), and we need this file only.

Download this file:

Unzip and copy to your cedega system32 folder..

$ unzip
$ cp d3dx9_26.dll ~/.cedega/NFS/c_drive/windows/system32/

Now we can play the game!

Pixel Shaders Problem

Though the game might load, its a known fact that most of you will get messed up colours. The cars will look black and the game environment will be quite dull. There is a way of correcting it.

First the cause of the problem : Electronic Arts themselves. Many of you might have noticed that since NFS Underground 1, the main executable name has been speed.exe

In NFS Underground, the Pixel Shaders had to be disabled for better playability. But unfortunately, cedega thinks of NFS Most Wanted as being NFS Underground since its executing speed.exe

What you have to do is enable Pixel Shaders for this game to get proper colors. For doing that, edit the cedega config file:

;; Need For Speed Underground
"PixelShaders" = "N"

Either comment or delete those lines, or put in Y instead of N

Secondly, the game doesnt run properly in Windowed Mode.

OBS: Here I needed to mount the CD before loading the game or I would get a CD-ERROR!

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