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This is a just a quick and easy cheat sheet for newbies (myself included), emerging from a thread on the forums). It is meant to be used as a reference to the gentoo tools that are most regularly used until one remembers them! For full options check out the man pages at the Man Index.


Newbie Gentoo cheat sheet

Managing Packages

foo is the name of the program you wish to use. It's just a random word, which you replace with what you're actually performing the operation on.

emerge foo
emerge -pv foo
emerge -av foo
emerge -s foo
emerge -S foo
emerge --sync
emerge -avuD world
emerge -avuD system
emerge -aC foo
echo "foo-bar/foo-1.2.3-r4 ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
emerge foo
echo foo-bar/foobar >> /etc/portage/package.mask
emerge -vva foo

Managing Services

/etc/init.d/foo start
/etc/init.d/foo stop
/etc/init.d/foo restart
rc-update add foo default
rc-update del foo default
rc-status default
rc-status boot
rc-update -s

Before you compile the Kernel

Get an accurate description of your audio card, network card, etc. by running 'lspci' if still in the liveCD environment or by emerging 'pciutils' then running 'lspci' if not.

Entered by Daniel Brewer (7/10/04), originally written by chunderbunny. Please edit as you see fit.

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