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This has started from the original french site translated to english here - not sure if it works still in testing!

...started this... not sure if i'll be awake long enough to finish...

What is this software?

This software is supposed to keep inventory of Windows/Linux clients.



# USE="berkdb perl ssl latin1" emerge -av dev-db/mysql

Build the Database system

 # /usr/bin/mysql_install_db 
 # /etc/init.d/mysql start
 # rc-update add mysql default

Set the root password mysql:

 # /usr/bin/mysqladmin –u root password

Apache 2.0

- I saw somwhere 2.2 will not work... who knows forsure I have not tested it...

  # USE = # "apache2 ssl" emerge apache mod_perl

Warning: Do not use flag threads it will require you to recompile packages dev-lang/perl and sys-devel/libperl with USE = ithreads, making some perl modules incompatible with scripts OCS Inventory NG.


  # USE="apache2 berkdb bzip2 cli expat gd memlimit mysql nls pcre session ssl xml xsl zip zlib" 

<original document says use PHP4.. i'll see how 5 goes...#>

  # emerge -av php

Install perl Modules

  # emerge -av libwww-perl XML-Simple Compress-Zlib DBI Class-DBI-mysql Apache-DBI
  # emerge -av net-ip
  # emerge -av SOAP-Lite

Note: if changing versions of Perl, run perl-cleaner allmodules

Warning: if you USE="unicode" in dev-perl/HTML-parser, you must install XML-SAX-PurePerl ??ebuild?? hmm..

Communication Server

Installation of OCS Inventory NG Package

Someone needs to make an ebuild

Install GLPI

Install Linux Client

Install Windows Client


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