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The Omnikey Cardman 5321 is a dual Cardreader (USB) for RFID and SmartCards. This installation note will focus on the installation of the RFID functionality only.

In order to use the device under Linux a precompiled (closed source) sharedlib is needed that can be downloaded from the Omnikey website. As the reader is a PC/SC device the sys-apps/pcsc-lite package is needed.


The installation is pretty straight forward.

emerge  sys-apps/pcsc-lite
wget 5x2x PC/SC for Linux 32Bit&did=69

If the Link is not working go to the Omnikey HP and manually fetch the archive:
 - Support
   - Download
     - Select CardMan RFID USB 5321 und Linux bzw. Linux x64
       - download "CardMan 5x2x PC/SC for Linux 32Bit"
tar -zxvf ifdokrfid_lnx-2.6.0.tar.gz
cd ifdokrfid_lnx-2.6.0

It is important to note that the install directory has to be adjusted.

./install -d /usr/lib/readers/usb

Once this is done you should plug in the Reader and (for testing) manually start pcscd

/usr/sbin/pcscd -f -d -a

You should see a message like this:

00000551 pcscdaemon.c:513:main() pcsc-lite 1.4.99 daemon ready.
00003006 hotplug_libusb.c:478:HPAddHotPluggable() Adding USB device: 004:041
00000229 readerfactory.c:1116:RFInitializeReader() Attempting startup of OMNIKEY CardMan 5x21 00 00 using  /usr/lib/readers/usb/ifd-ccid.bundle/Contents/Linux/
00000679 readerfactory.c:983:RFBindFunctions() Loading IFD Handler 3.0
OK OMNIKEY CardMan RFID  IA32 v2.6.0


In order to test the reader (and have some fun) you can now install RFIDiot.

tar -zxvf pyscard-1.6.5b.tar.gz
cd pyscard-1.6.5
/usr/bin/python build_ext install
tar -zxvf RFIDIOt-0.1r.tgz
cd RFIDIOt-0.1r
./ -L
PCSC devices:
   No: 0               OMNIKEY CardMan 5x21 00 00
   No: 1               OMNIKEY CardMan 5x21 00 01
isotype v0.1h (using RFIDIOt v0.1r)
  Reader: PCSC OMNIKEY CardMan 5x21 00 01

     ID: 04252D51011F80
       Tag is SMARTCARD

    ATR: 3B8180018080
         3B  Initial Header
           8  No TA1, TB1, TC1 only TD1 is following
            1  1 bytes historical data follow
             8  No TA2, TB2, TC2 only TD2 is following
              0  T = 0
               0  No TA3, TB3, TC3, TD3 following
                1  T = 1
                 Detected SMARTCARD
            ATS: 018080
       Category: 01  Proprietary format
         Checksum TCK: 80 (OK)


If the reader is not accessible or don't show up you should check that the "ftdi_sio" USB-Serial Module is not loaded.


I hope this install note is useful for some of you since it took me some time to figure out how to the reader is running and could not find lots of infos on the net.

Have fun discovering RFID tags in your clothes etc etc. :-/


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