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Openoffice just like office can work with databases...
As i do not have the microsoft access database i will make the article focussing on mysql that is an excellent GPL database with stored procedure

ODBC Connectors

There are two odbc connectors(openoffice can use both):


we will emerge the mysql driver for will also emerge dev-db/unixODBC

emerge -av dev-db/myodbc

then we will configure obdc to use mysql database:

emerge --config dev-db/myodbc

unfortunately it has a little bug in the ebuild so with help from #gentoo-dev-help i corrected it

Create a database with mysql

logon to the mysql database localy:

then type:

mysql -u root

then you are inside the you can create a new database(mysql can hold many databases that can hold many tables), so in order to create a database you can type:


then you must enter the database:

USE openoffice;

then you grant acess to the database to the username you have choosen personaly i've choosen openoffice as username...don't worry it will create the username for you as you use the following command:

GRANT ALL ON openoffice TO openoffice IDENTIFIED BY 'yourpasssword';

Then because your database is insecure change the password of root:

SET PASSWORD FOR 'root' = PASSWORD('newpass');

editing odbc.ini

now edit odbc.ini that reside in /etc/unixODBC to match your needs

nano /etc/unixODBC/odbc.ini

Setup Openoffice

go into:

start menu->office->openoffice base database

select connect into an existing database
select connect using obdc

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