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This is a guide for enabling getdelta/deltup support for Paludis users.



NOTE: This is verbatim from Deltup
Deltup is a program that allows you to fetch the changes to a program, instead of the entire tarball. In other words if you already have and a new version is released, instead of having to download you would only have to download the minor differences between the two ( aka patch ). This howto is an absolute must for dialup users.


First, emerge the stuff that's in portage

Code: Installation
# echo "app-portage/deltup ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
# echo "dev-util/bdelta ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
# emerge bdelta deltup

If you are on AMD64, change ~x86 to ~amd64 accordingly.

By default you get a script for portage which doesn't work appropriately with paludis. Therefore the modified should be obtained from the Paludis Trac ticket #68[1] which is named

Thus you wont override the original fetcher which is removed every time you update paludis. --Gh 19:31, 31 January 2008 (UTC)

Finally, do remember to run as root "chmod +rx /usr/bin/" and /usr/share/paludis/fetchers/dohttp. Wrong file permissions are usual cause of silly errors.


In order to enable deltup for paludis, you must edit /etc/${PALUDIS_CONFDIR}/bashrc (which usually resolves to /etc/paludis/bashrc):

File: /etc/paludis/bashrc
export DELTUP='/usr/bin/'
export USE_GETDELTA='yes'

Tuning of the script is accomplished by editing /etc/deltup/getdelta.rc, the configuration file it shares with normal deltup.

What if digest verification fails?

NOTE: This is verbatim from Deltup
Due to the on-the-fly-generation of the package-files the digest verification may fail. If you are sure that the package has been downloaded correctly, you can run

ebuild /path/to/ebuild digest to re-digest the file and try to emerge the package.
Warning: This is not an usual or recommended procedure. If you proceed so, this could cause unexpected errors even if the package compiles "as expected".

In any case you should try first by removing the file from /usr/portage/distfiles manually, trying to sync and fetch once again later.

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