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The Pam upgrade


# ls /etc/pam.d/* | wc -l

you'll have 46 files to modify by hand...


script didn't work...correcting it

still doesn't work?

if you have a message like that:

* Your current setup is using one or more of the following modules,
* that are not built or supported anymore:
* pam_pwdb, pam_radius, pam_timestamp, pam_console
* If you are in real need for these modules, please contact the maintainers
* of PAM through providing information about its
* use cases.
* Please also make sure to read the PAM Upgrade guide at the following URL:
* ERROR: sys-libs/pam- failed.
* Call stack:
*   , line 1717:  Called dyn_preinst
*   , line 1156:  Called pkg_preinst
*   pam-, line  166:  Called die
* The specific snippet of code:
*      check_old_modules || die "deprecated PAM modules still used"
*  The die message:
*   deprecated PAM modules still used
* If you need support, post the topmost build error, and the call stack if relevant.
* This ebuild used the following eclasses from overlays:
*   /usr/portage/eclass/libtool.eclass
*   /usr/portage/eclass/multilib.eclass
*   /usr/portage/eclass/toolchain-funcs.eclass
*   /usr/portage/eclass/eutils.eclass
*   /usr/portage/eclass/portability.eclass
*   /usr/portage/eclass/autotools.eclass
*   /usr/portage/eclass/pam.eclass

you must search for files with pam_pwdb or pam_radius or pam_timestamp or pam_console inside:

for example for pam_pwdb

cd /etc/pam.d/
grep pam_pwdb *

then repeat the process with pam_radius

cd /etc/pam.d/
grep pam_radius *

then do the same with pam_timestamp then with pam_console

if you find things such as:

# grep pam_timestamp *
config-util:session             optional

just comment the line as it is optional otherwise ask to the irc or to the gentoo forums because i don't know what to do

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