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My First wiki submission, i have no clue what i am doing... regardless, i feel that this should be in here. Feel free to contribute if you have this model and have gotten something working.

This is a work in progress (and yes, a poor one at that)


what works, what doesn't


geforce GO 6150
Works ONLY with 1.0.9625+ (.9626 as of writing 10/30/06) nvidia drivers (also seems to work with nv and vesa)


conexant HD audio
I can only get it to work with the intel HD alsa driver, and even then, just barely, headphone jack does not work, and driver only gives one master volume control.


See the Broadcom 43xx article.


Turion64 (single core)
everything seems to work fine, scaling works and all

other misc buttons

they all seem to be able to do something, as to what i am still not sure, they do glow and make a somewhat annoying noise when touched...

further, the light for the wireless card is always lit, not sure if thats they way its supposed to work, but doesn't look good to me.

seems to output directly as if it were hitting keys, should be configurable, haven't tested it yet, still trying to figure out wireless and audio problems...


plays dvds fine, haven't tested the writer yet, probably never will.
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