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The version of portage that the installer provides is a current development version, and not found in any ebuild. In the near future, the macos profile will be using normal portage releases- the portage devs will adjust the keywording when a vanilla portage release is ready for macos usage. Until then, please stick with the installed portage version.

Some packages, like gentoolkit and gentoolkit-dev, depend on portage and refuse to install because portage cannot be installed from an ebuild. It is however, present on disk since you are using it! So the current workaround is to pretend it has been installed by portage:

Go to /usr/portage/profiles/default-macos-10.3/ (replace the last path segment with the profile you are using) and edit package.provided. Insert


into it. Pick the latest portage version for this that is *only* missing the macos keyword. Usually, you can tell from the output of the failed emerge for the package that depends on portage.

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