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Unrecognized host

If the host is not recognized: Update config.sub and config.guess files.

Check out the gnuconfig eclass. You need to inherit gnuconfig and then add gnuconfig_update to your ebuild. Preferably after it is unpacked and before ./configure is run.

Ranlib problems

This is easy:

ranlib <file that gave you the error>

Hopefully ranlib will be automatically run in a future portage release so this will not need to be done.

Errors with sed

If you get “sed: lstat: No such file or directory” then your sed is not gsed. Simply emerge sed and check to make sure that in your /etc/profile file, you have the line:

alias sed=gsed

Note that sed-4.1.5 requires gsed to be emerged! You should emerge sed-4.1.4-r1 for example with the line emerge=sed-4.1.4-r1


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