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This collection of articles covers using TLS/SSL under Postfix to encrypt SMTP sessions. While the existing Postfix documentation on this topic is already very comprehensive, it can also be overwhelming. To this end, the following guides have been written to guide you through the process of configuring Postfix step-by-step.

Configuring Postfix

With regards to /etc/postfix/, there are two methods you can use to configure Postfix. You can edit the file directly with your favoured text editor - one tactic people use here is to simply append values to the end.

Alternatively you can use the postconf command. Postconf is very easy to use and allows you to configure Postfix with some checking on the values you're entering.

Postconf Command Summary

postconf -d <key>
The -d option allows you to check the default values for a given key. Even if you don't use postconf's other features, this can still be very useful for checking whether values have been changed from the default.

postconf <key>
You can check the current value of any option by simply giving postconf the key.

postconf -e <key>=<value>
This command allows you to set values. Simply pass the key you want to set and the value you want to set it to. If you specify a key which does not exist, you'll be given an error message.

Postconf does offer more options, such as the ability to use configuration files other than the default or list features (such as available SASL plugins) of your installation. For further information, see man postconf


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