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RHIDE is a development IDE for DJGPP.

If you want something like Borland C 3.1 you will certainly want this.

==Update: August 2007. A simple

#emerge rhide

failed finding


I added


to CFLAGS in /etc/make.conf and did

 ln -s /usr/src/linux/asm-i386 /usr/src/linux/asm


#emerge rhide

Worked! This was with GCC 4.1.2 off Gentoo 2007.0-r2 compiled on 2007-08-13.

You should be able to safely ignore the rest of this article, as I didn't need it for my solution. - lava2

First of all

# echo "~dev-util/rhide-1.5.20050823" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

If we try to

# emerge =rhide-1.5.20050823

it will fail to compile so don`t , for now. You can

# emerge --fetchonly =rhide-1.5.20050823

if you want. The solution to the compile error is:

#vi /usr/include/linux/wait.h
:%s/bit, word/bit, (volatile long unsigned int *)word/

Now we can

# emerge =rhide-1.5.20050823

without errors. here you will find a screenshot : RHIDE

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