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Reiser4 is a computer file system, a new "from scratch" successor to the ReiserFS file system, developed by Namesys and sponsored by DARPA as well as Linspire.

For a comparison of many different filesystems, including Reiser4, see:

For a fairly comprehensive guide to recompiling you kernel and installing Reiser4, see:

Patches for the vanilla kernel (from 2.6.20 to 2.6.26) are available from:

As of 2006, Reiser4 has not yet been merged into the mainline Linux kernel due to not adhering to Linux's coding standards and consequently is still not supported on many Linux distributions except Linspire; however, its predecessor ReiserFS v3 has been much more widely adopted. Reiser4 is also available from Andew Morton's -mm kernel sources. Namesys has made inclusion into the mainline Linux kernel its first priority.

An alternative to mm-sources is to use an overlay that patches gentoo-sources. See HOWTO Reiser4 With Gentoo-Sources.

A semi unique feature of Reiser4 is Transparent Runtime Compression, see Compressed Reiser4.

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