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This is a volume normalizer python script for Amarok. When utilized, Replay Gain will make all of your music sound the same volume from track to track or album to album.



Firstly, you'll need Amarok (dua)

gentoo ~#
emerge media-sound/amarokImage:CursorOFF.gif

If you're normalizing mp3 files, you will need to emerge the its dependency: media-sound/mp3gain

gentoo ~#
emerge media-sound/mp3gainImage:CursorOFF.gif
Note: If your music collection contains anything other than mp3 files, you will have to install other dependencies.
  • mpc depends on replaygain (musepack)
  • flac depends on metaflac (flac)
  • ogg depends on vorbisgain
  • mp4/m4a depends on aacgain

Now you just need to

  1. Install and Run the script
  2. Apply the ReplayGain tags to your music

Terminal Method

FIXME: copy+paste commands to install to Amarok?
FIXME: copy+paste commands to apply ReplayGain Tags using mp3gain?

GUI Method

Install and Run the script

  1. Go to Tools > Script Manager
  2. Click "Get More Scripts"
  3. Find ReplayGain in the list, select it, and click "Install"
  4. Go back to the Script Manager, and expand the "General" folder. Select, and click "Run."

Apply ReplayGain tags

  1. Close the Script Manger if you still have it open
  2. Select all of your songs within Amarok
  3. Right click, select "Apply ReplayGain tags" > "To selected files in track mode"

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