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I just bought the printer ML-2010PR made by Samsung. It was really easy to install.

I just emerged splix and cups and connected the printer via USB.

emerge -av splix cups

Then I opened http://localhost:631 and the printer was in the list. I just selected it, printed the test page and done.

Your printer doesn't work? Usually problem is that you haven't got CONFIG_USB_PRINTER in your kernel. Check that you've got in your kernel option "CONFIG_USB_PRINTER" If not, then go: cd /usr/src/linux && make menuconfig

Linux Kernel Configuration: Enable USB Printer support
General setup ->
  Device Drivers ->
    USB support ->
      <*>   USB Printer support

That, must be working. Switch on your printer. In CUPS follow http://localhost:631, go to Administraton, add printer, set your printer name, description etc. Next select in list your ML-2010PR, then try driver "Samsung ML-2010 Foomatic/gdi"(in printer drivers list), it mostly work, if your printer still not working, try to use "Samsung ML-2010 Series (SPL II)" driver instead.

Add cupsd to startup scripts like:

rc-update add cupsd default
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