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General system settings


You'll need to have usblp support in your kernel. It can be compiled with it as a module or not. But if you compile it as a module, then don't forget to load it before.


It is possible (and very possible) your CUPS to be configured to reject access to device files (eg: /dev/lp0). You'll need to enable device files access from /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.


FileDevice Yes

If you dont have CUPS yet

emerge cups foomatic-db

Then, start cups

Starting CUPS

/etc/init.d/cupsd start

Is very recommendable to set your system to start it by default every times it boots

Adding CUPS to default services

rc-update add cupsd default


It's a multifunction, man. It has a scanner. You will need something to do scanning

# emerge xsane 

Enabling Printer

Getting an updated Samsung's driver

The driver contained en SCX-4200's CD is old like the Hell: if you try to installi it, you'll surely fail. This is cause there are a few changes in GNU/Linux which make the old driver incompatible. You'll need to get an updated one. So, go to Samsung's web page, and download the right driver for your SCX-4200. As root... Uncompressing Driver

tar -xzf 20070720152943906_UnifiedLinuxDriver.tar.gz

It will be decompressed inside a directory called cdroot

Proceed with driver installation

I have to admit: Samsung's driver is no so good as I'd like it to be, but their installer script is even worst. At this point you'll need to have CUPS running. If don't, do it now. Turn on your SCX-4200, and plug it to your USB. From your X session, open a xterm and, as root...

# cd cdroot/Linux
# ./install

A GUI will appear. Set the device to file:/dev/usb/lp0. Don't print the test page yet. If the device results in being incorrectly set to file:/dev/null don't worry, is the Samsung's driver fault, but you'll never use it anymore. Now is time to use CUPS. Don't use Samsung's backend (file:/dev/mfpX). It will not work.

Fixing a faulty installation

I have said "is not your fault", and you'll see it. Theres four files (pscms, rastertosamsungpcl, rastertosamsungspl, rastertosamsungplc) in /usr/lib/cups/filter. Samsung's installer believes CUPS expects to find such files there, but he is wrong: CUPS expects to find those file in /usr/libexec/cups/filter. Symlink all files in /usr/lib/cups/filter to be accesible from /usr/libexec/cups/filter Now, go to CUPS webadmin page and set your printer LPD to file:/dev/usb/lp0 Your SCX-4200 should be working now.

Enabling Scanner

Have I said before this piece of software really crappy? Sure it is. The driver makes weird things like probing parallel ports (¡Hello... my multifunction hasn't any parallel port interface! ¿What was this guys thinking about when coding this?).

There's a fix which consists on a replacement library to avoid probing for inexistent parallel scanners. Go to this site [1] and download the right one for your driver version.

Installing fix (as root, assuming your arch is i386 compatible)

# tar -xzf fix-nopar-scx4200-2.00.95-2007061201.tar.gz
# mv /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
# mv fix-nopar/ /usr/lib/

Well done

Your system should be able to print and scan at this moment. Don't forget to add all users to lp group to be able to scan & print.

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