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This page is dedicated to information on scientific software that can be used on Gentoo.It may contain links to related pages, hints and tips to get things working, or reports on successes or failures to software to compile/install/run.

Science with Gentoo

Useful related pages

Commercial Software

Some commercial software I was able to install and run on my Gentoo x86 box and my amd64 laptop. These software packages tend to come in different versions for different processors (32 or 64 bit) or unix variants. For me, the ones below worked with their linux versions out-of-the box.

RSI has a new name ITT, and new version 6.4 which fixes some bugs that cause program crashes in 6.3.

I found their installation guide quite fuzzy and unnecessary for my purposes... Clicking and filling in the obvious just worked :-) You may want to try the open-source alternative Octave first.

Do the math :-)

Great tool for symbolic math and good alternative for Mathematica. (MATLAB uses Maple's engine for it's symbolic calculations)

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