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Screen Capture Utilities are used to desktop record to show what one is doing in a program to other people. recordMyDesktop (media-video/recordmydesktop) and it's frontend for Gnome gtk-recordMyDesktop (media-video/gtk-recordmydesktop) work nice for the job as does xvidcap (x11-misc/xvidcap) (though I found xvidcap's perpetual red box capture area annoying). If you have a speedy computer it is even possible to record games with them. Later one can email, or put on YouTube the video to share with other people.

Install Whats Needed

emerge recordmydesktop gtk-recordmydesktop


emerge xvidcap


emerge istanbul

The program will now appear in the Sound and Video menu.

Using the Command Line with recordMyDesktop

Note: I had an issue with recordmydesktop "Error 256 Parsing" and had to use it from the command line. I removed the tag, "-shared-threshold 75", and it worked. It also seemed to run better.

The following will record games best, in my experience.

recordmydesktop -o /home/user/Desktop/ss.ogg -fps 10 --no-sound -x 1 -y 304 -width 1050 -height 496 -v_quality 63 -s_quality 10 --quick-subsampling -workdir /tmp --zero-compression 

Obviously, change the directory to suit yours.


--Dirk R. Gently 20:43, 16 April 2007 (UTC)

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