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There are multiple ways to play Sirius Sattelite Radio over the net with gentoo.


Method One

How to play Sirius Radio on Gentoo Linux

I couldn't get the sirius player to work, but I have found a command line player which I actually prefer.


First install mplayer, Beautiful Soup and wxpython (if it is not already installed)

Code: Emerging packages
emerge -u mplayer beautifulsoup wxpython

Next download sipie:

Code: Downloading sipie
cd /usr/local/bin

Make it executable:

Code: Making executable
sudo chmod a+x sipie

That's it. You can run sipie from the command line or create a custom launcher using the attached image as the icon and the following as the "command" line:

Code: Running sipie
gnome-terminal -x /usr/bin/sipie

You'll have to enter your user id & password the first time you run the program, as well as whether you are a guest or subscriber. Thereafter you will only have to enter the "captcha" code each time you run the program.

Press tab tab to show all streams, tab completion of stream names is supported. You can press CTRL-C to end playing a stream and select another one.

Readme is at

Special thanks to wilderness wanderer from the ubuntu forums who taught me how to do this.

Method Two

The second method uses a freeware program available from You will need to download the source and install because there is no ebuild yet. It requires QT, pyqt, and python. It will work with xine, mplayer, or vlc, the only one that isn't mentioned to be "buggy."

Code: Emerging VLC
emerge vlc

If you use gnome you will most likely have qt, pyqt, and python already installed. Otherwise, make sure you install them.

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