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First attempt to a wiki (I am defenitly not used to the <wiki> specific banners!). I'll simply list the steps I used to have my Sony Ericsson Z710i working with wammu ( trough a USB cable. It might (or not) work for different types of Ericsson cellphones... who knows.


System Configuration

Making the connection

First of all, plug your cellphone, select the type of connection "phone". This way you will connect it as a device (usb-modem) instead of a file system.

Checking the connection

Next, make sure your device is correctly recognized. Typing lsusb should give you some informations like that:
Bus 008 Device 003: ID 0fce:d047 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB

Kernel configuration

Now simply compile the kernel modules required: cdc-acm. This module is in the USB devices section, you'll find it pretty much easily: -->Device Drivers


Make the module, install it, then load it.
make modules

make modules_install
modprobe cdc-acm

Last verifications

You should now see a device named /dev/ttyACM followed by a digit (e.g. /dev/ttyACM0). Congratulations, your cellphone is now Linux-ready.

Installing a synchronisation application

Whats next?

I use wammu to sync with my phone. You can get it by using the common emerge command:
emerge -av gammu wammu

Good luck, have fun!

I'm sorry if you get any trouble during the install (since I'm not covering any trouble shooting), visit us on freenode (IRC), #Gentoo.

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