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Make File

System runs into errors if its set to athalon-xp which is the architecture for this laptop, perhaps because its a shrunken down processor for the laptop something was different, I personally resolved this issue by setting it to a generic i586, i686 worked for me as well.

File: /mnt/gentoo/etc/make.conf
CFLAGS="#your_optimizations# -mcpu=i586"

Xorg Configuration

The option /dev/psaux needed to be set to /psaux out of the various options or the x server continued to crash.

Section "Input Device"

Identifier "Mouse0"
Driver     "mouse"
Option     "device" "/dev/psaux"

Alsa Configuration

When compiling your kernel, should you choose to enable alsa in the kernel instead of the package, in my opinion the better way, via8233 is the sound driver you need in the kernel. This was enabled by default with make menuconfig.

Ethernet Configuration

Realtek 8139 Driver. This was actually enabled by default when I loaded make menuconfig.


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