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The Steam engine is Valve Software's way of distributing games such as Half-Life and updating their software.


You'll want to have the latest wine installed and properly set up (0.9.49 at the time of this writing) and download the steam installer, either the MSI or EXE.

Wine Setup

Set windows version to XP and sound to ALSA.

Steam needs the Tahoma font. You can copy it from another Windows installation if you don't have it. Source:


For MSI Installer

msiexec /i /path/to/SteamInstaller.msi

For EXE Installer

wine /path/to/steaminstaller.exe


After the installer is through, you should be able to log in. Don't worry about not seeing the browser, we won't be using it. If it really bothers you, look for wine_gecko.

Warning: In certain cases, Steam fails to start without Gecko installed. Run wine iexplore and click Install to remedy the problem.
  1. Click the "My games" tab
  2. Right click the game of your choice and select install
  3. Follow the instructions

Once installed, DO NOT attempt to run the game yet. There seems to be a steam glitch which requires doing the following things for a game to run:

  1. Click the Settings button
  2. Go to the "In-game" tab and uncheck the "Enable Steam Community In-Game" box
  3. Go to the "Interface" tab and uncheck "Run Steam when Windows starts"
  4. In the "Interface" tab, change to any other skin and restart steam when prompted to

Now the games should be up and running but there's a strange quirk you might encounter. Once a game has started, you can look around and even shoot, but as soon as you move the game appears to freeze. It is NOT frozen. Simply hit ESC and then resume game and gameplay should proceed as normal.


Thanks To

Josh Miller [1] for the fix to be able to run a game

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