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The GIMP Toolkit (abbreviated GTK+) is a popular widget toolkit for the X Windows System for creating graphical user interfaces. GTK+ makes use of themes, which effects the appearances of different widgets and key bindings in applications which use GTK+. System wide GTK+ themes that anyone on the machine can use are located in /usr/share/themes. Each user can also have additional GTK+ themes which are located in ~/.themes.

How to Change GTK+ Themes without GNOME

The easiest method is to emerge gtk-chtheme or emerge gtk-theme-switch. After one of these programs are installed you can run them with gtk-chtheme and switch2 respectively and pick the theme you want to use and apply the change.

By Hand Alternative

Alternatively you can change which GTK+ theme to use by hand. Open ~/.gtkrc-2.0 in a text editor and change the paths of the theme files to include.

File: example ~/.gtkrc-2.0
include "/usr/share/themes/Industrial/gtk-2.0/gtkrc"
Note: Only gtk applications opened after the changes will be effected.

To make finding installed themes easier you can copy and paste the gtkthemes script into some text editor.

  1. Save in /usr/local/bin as gtkthemes
  2. Next make gtkthemes executable by typing chmod +x /usr/local/bin/gtkthemes
  3. Finally run gtkthemes to see what themes you can use.

File: /usr/local/bin/gtkthemes


if [[ $# -lt 1 ]]; then
  GLB="`find $THEMEDIR -regex '.+?/gtk\(-[0-9.]+\)?/gtkrc' -printf '%P ' | sed 's,\([^/]\+\)/\S*,\1,g'`"
  USR="`find ~/.themes -regex '.+?/gtk\(-[0-9.]+\)?/gtkrc' -printf '%P ' | sed 's,\([^/]\+\)/\S*,\1,g'`"

  if [[ -z $GLB && -z $USR ]]; then
    echo "No GTK+ themes are installed on this machine."
    exit 1
    if [[ -n $GLB ]]; then echo -e "GTK+ Themes anyone can use:\n" $GLB; fi
    if [[ -n $GLB && -n $USR ]]; then echo " "; fi
    if [[ -n $USR ]]; then echo -e "GTK+ Themes $USER can use:\n" $USR; fi
    exit 0
  if [[ -d "~/.themes/$1" ]]; then GTKFILES="`find ~/.themes/$1 -name 'gtkrc'`"; fi
  if [[ -d "$THEMEDIR/$1" ]]; then GTKFILES="`find $THEMEDIR/$1 -name 'gtkrc'`"; fi
  if [[ -n $GTKFILES ]]; then
    echo "Put these paths into your .gtkrc-2.0 file:"
    echo $GTKFILES
    echo "No GTK theme named '$1'"
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