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This page is intended purely as a large set of links, for easy pointing to from the #gentoo IRC channel on

Current Issues

giflib vs libungif (bug report), gcc 3.4 upgrade
Mirgrate to GCC 4.1


Indexes: official, list, forums, wiki

security advisories, FAQ, history, acronyms

Installing Gentoo

handbook, upgrading, alternative installs, alpha-quality GUI install


Portage: man portage, masked packages, gentoolkit, message logging, removing old dependencies, CVS history

USE flags: handbook, FAQ, descriptions

Ebuilds: man emerge, howto, development guide, draft development guide, 3rd-party ebuilds, unofficial ebuilds, contributing ebuilds, searching

make.conf: man page, safe CFLAGS -O2 preference, mirrorselect

Configuration files: dispatch-conf


compiling, migrating to 2.6 kernel

Kernel sources: portage list, wiki, gentoo-sources


Closely follows FHS standard

Ext3 tuning: forum, IBM writeup

Partitions: Logical Volume Management


Grub errors: handbook, forum

User interface

Xorg: xorg.conf. Modular X (Xorg 7) - howto, forum. Xorg 6.9 - latest

Video card drivers: Nvidia - 2 monitors, ATI

Framebuffer: Framebuffer, framebuffer with splash screen

Console: using a mouse with the console

Gnome: config, Beautify GNOME

Gnome 2.12 upgrade: howto, Update GNOME, forum

Screen grabbing


Sound: ALSA, soundcard list, Gentoo ALSA guide, software mixing, PCI latency for crackling audio

Udev: guide, Customizing UDEV, UDEV debugging

Laptop: power guide, software suspend, Synaptics Touchpad, ThinkPad wiki


Networking: handbook, dnsdomainname "(none)", BIND DNS configuration

Wireless: howto, ndiswrapper card list

Common Software

Cron: guide

Syslog: wiki, forum

Clock time: NTP

Initscripts: handbook

System Recovery

Libtool fix, "emwrap" recompilation script

Other Distros

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