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A bind mount point offers similar functionality to a symbolic link however it doesn't appear as a link. This can be particularly useful if you have an FTP server and the users jailed to their home directory and you want to provide access to other specific parts of the file system. As far as the software is concerned, it is just like you mounted a device to that point and thus transparent.

Creating the point

The command to create the bind point is as follows:

mount --bind <source> <destination>

You will probably want to add the bind point to your fstab file. An example entry is listed below. The file system type is none (Actually, it can be anything. The value is ignored but must exist. It need not be unique) and the option is bind.

File: /etc/fstab
  /var/www/localhost      /home/testuser   none    bind            0 0

That is it, it is pretty easy and useful.

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