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This page provides various tips and tricks for using with dvd::rip. For a howto using dvd::rip, see HOWTO DVD-Ripping

Creating an mkv file from an ogm file

dvd::rip doesn't offer a direct solution to create an mkv container. Nevertheless, it's easy to transform an ogg container, produced with dvd::rip in an mkv container.

This can be useful for storing vobsub files (subtitles) in the container and turn them on and off. Matroska also allows you to store tags describing the file contents (similar to id3 for mp3).

emerge ebuild:media-video/mkvtoolnix with the wxwindows USE flag set. Once done, run mmg

Use two input files : your ogm container and the subtitles file (unrar it first if it's rared). And there you are.

Troubleshooting dvd::rip

Here are the solutions to two problems I encountered with dvd::rip

1 - dvd::rip not finding any dependency

In the Miscellanous options tab of the Preferences (Ctrl+P), chose "Workaround transcode NPTL bugs : No". Close and restart.

2 - dvd::rip doesn't find rar

Even if you installed ebuild:app-arch/rar, dvd::rip will most likely complain about a missing/not working rar. What happens is dvd::rip needs a 2.x version of rar, when only 3.x versions are in portage. So you need to install a 2.x version, like the one provided by the dvd::rip site itself, rar 2.71. Download it, then

# chmod +x rarlnx271.sfx.bin
# ./rarlnx271.sfx.bin
# mv rar/rar /usr/local/bin/rar-2.71

and in the Commands tab of the preferences, select rar-2.71 as the rar command.


A guide to mkvmerge GUI (mmg)

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