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DVD Ripping for Hauppauge 350

The mythdvd plugin generates ".avi" files. This can be played on a Hauppauge 350, but the audio will go through your computer sound card rather than through the TV. In addition, I found the full DVD resolution of 720 x 480 to be a bit sluggish - skips forward has a noticable delay.

You can avoid these problems by ripping the DVD yourself. This is fairly easy, but if you aren't familar with the transcode command line options it can be pretty difficult to figure out what options to use.

Here's how to do this:

 tccat -T #{title},-1,1 -i /dev/dvd > #{tmp}.vob
 transcode -H 10 -x vob -i #{tmp}.vob -w 6000 -F 8 --export_asr 2 -b 128  --a52_drc_off -M 2 -B 0,10,8 -y mpeg2enc,mp2enc -o #{tmp}
 mplex -f 8 -r 9800 -V -o "#{name}.mpg" #{tmp}.m2v #{tmp}.mpa"
 -J modfps=buffer=4:clonetype=4 -f 0,1 --export_fps 0,4

This tells transcode to use the modfps filter, going from an input frame rate of 23.976 (or f=1) to 29.970 (or f=4). If you are unsure if you DVD input is a 23.976 or 29.970, you can use the command

 tcprobe -i #{tmp}.vob

after you have read the data from the DVD using tccat. This will print the frame rate, among other information.

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