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Warning: The following tips are not recommended. There are sensible reasons why things are the way they are and changing them can break packages.

These two tricks just halfed my mozila-firefox build time:

Force parallel make for almost all packages

Although you have MAKEFLAGS="-j5" in your /etc/make.conf, packages like www-client/mozilla-firefox still build with -j1 only. A look at the particular ebuild reveals you'll need this setting in /etc/make.conf:

Note: We usually set -j1 for a reason - if the package is prone to break otherwise. So you really shouldn't do this.

Speed up gcc invocation

Running just gcc is way slower than running gcc-4.2.0. If you can do it without gcc-config, put this in /etc/make.conf:

# Fill in your gcc version:
Note: This was a bug and is now fixed. No need to use this dirty hack.
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