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This short how-to describes how to make a simple and yet visually appealing background for your computer in very little time with very little skill.



To create these images, you will need GIMP, an open source image editor available for most operating systems including Windows, BSD, and other OS distros. To get GIMP you can do:

emerge -av gimp

Otherwise, you can always go to the GIMP homepage. An installer exists in the downloads section for Microsoft Windows users.

Step 1: Make Image

This is the very simple method to follow:

Step 2: Setting up Flame

The images shown used this method; however, not all the images in my collection were done with this method. This method will take longer to process. On my athlon64 3000+ the flame render takes about a minute or two.

Starting in the flame dialog:

Optional: Use "1.5" for higher speed.
Optional: Sinusoidal also works well at a high zoom.

Step 3: Color Time

In this step, color is added. I guess you have to decide what color to use. Blue pretty much always works well, and Red rarely works very well as variations in red end up looking purple or yellow. Orange is another good choice. Green is not too hard to get working either.

Channel Mixer Method

Alternate: Colorize

This one is a bit easier to get the desired results:

Alternate: Blend Multiple Layers

With this you may pick the exact color you want to use and even modify it dramatically later.

Alternate: Flame Gradient



Posted Collections

When I first discovered this method for creating vivid color images in a simple manner, I tried to get people to make some images for me, so that I could have enough images to make a good screensaver out of them. To this end, I suggest that people who make a lot of images and who have them available online should edit the wiki page and add links here.

fractal flame generator that is free

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