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If your installing Gentoo on old/slow hardware it can sometime be kinda painful if your in a hurry. Following these steps you can setup a new system using your 12 core server at work/school... and then migrate your install over to your old Pentium 75 or your Commodore 64, after everything is done emerging using the faster computer from work/school.

(feel free to pitch in and expand/improve/clean up this article this is just my 10 minute overview of what I went through over the last day or so, hopefully someone finds it useful)


Initial Install

Both the fast/slow machines need some prep work done to them before we can migrate the install. I suggest doing the steps on fast hardware first and then while things are emerging and/or downloading come back and run through the initial install prep work for the slow system so its ready to go.

(Fast Hardware)

# mkdir /mnt/gentoo

(Slow Hardware)

Now on the old hardware we need to do all the staging/prep work that you would usually do before a gentoo install. (aka the fdisk, mkfs, mount'ing that we skipped above)

Migration From the Fast Hardware to the Slow Hardware

Once both the fast and slow systems are ready to migrate you have 2 options.

With network connectivity

tar cfv - /chroot/folder/on/good/hardware/* | ssh HOSTorIP "(cd /mnt/gentoo/; tar xf -)"

With out

(would someone who knows tar better than me put the tar/untar steps in here to where they could do roughly the following)

Post Migration Install Steps (slow system)


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