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Yes, ladies, Gentoo has its own IRC channel(s)! All of them reside on The main support channel is #gentoo.

Getting proper troubleshooting

A lot of people find that the guys in #gentoo aren't nice. They argue they scream "rtfm" continuously. This could be, but I personally think that this is because people with a negative attitude towards #gentoo were one out of many asking the wrong questions. The guys sitting in #gentoo are trying to help people with unique questions, not questions which either are caused fully by an obvious earlier mistake or can be solved by a quick search on the internet. So, especially when you have a negative opinion, please check the following checklist and write down the answers in #gentoo:

Just four questions! Keeping an eye on them makes the life of troubleshooters in #gentoo a whole lot easier, plus, it'll help you get troubleshooted quicker.

Stuff to keep ready

Often, just explaining your problem isn't enough. You'll often need to upload logs and such.

Warning: When you are pasting these logs, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT paste them to the IRC channel. You'll get kicked otherwise.

Rather, upload them to a paste site like this one. Keep the following material ready:

Warning: Again, please DO NOT paste in the channel. Paste to!
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