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Using dopcmcia

I found out that booting the install CD using gentoo dopcmcia caused the boot-procedure to slow down enough for the CDROM to get "attached" to the system.

However, this only worked from time to time.

Hitting ctrl-s

I found another solution to the problem.

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1. Boot the Live CD using >gentoo-nofb
2. Just before root is beeing mounted hit ctrl-s
3. Wait for the CDROM to spin up
4. Hit ctrl-q to resume

This worked for me every time...

Author's Note: I installed Gentoo on a Compaq nc4200.. Hopefully it will work on other models too

It wasn't working for DELL Latitude D400 and 2005.1 release. On this bugfix was released, that worked fine for it:

1. On the prompt for kernel type write

gentoo doscsi scandelay debug

2. At the debug prompt:

  # echo  /sbin/udev > /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug

3. unplug the cdrom then plug it back in.

4. At prompt again make sure your cd-rom was found:

  # ls /dev/sr0
  # exit
Note: It could take 10 seconds or longer for the /dev/sr0 file to show up

5. Boot continues and finds livecd at /dev/sr0.

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