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kscreensaver is a KDE's screensaver framework. Settings are in the KDE Control Center -> Appearance & Themes -> Screen Saver. The important part is that the screensaver is rendered on the root screen (or even using DRI). A user needs either to have root privileges or to be in the video group. As the first option sounds too dangerous, you should stick to the second one.

Add yourself to the video group

Using the KUser GUI

Fire up KUser, enter root password, select your user and add him to the video group.

The manual way

Adding a user to a group is done via the gpasswd command. It is a part of the sys-apps/shadow package, so emerge it if you don't have one. Then, (as root) add the requested user into the video group:

gpasswd -a USER video

Now check if it was successful:

Code: id $USER
... 27(video) ...
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