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This article presents a method of setting up KDE to look similar to XFCE or one of the lighter window managers. WM vs DE debate is a valid topic, but isn't really relevent to the article. However, I will list some reasons why you may want to use this advice:

You should be interested in this if:


To follow this guide you will need KDE. At time of wrting, KDE is at v3.4.1. In gentoo, you can get KDE by:

Code: Emerge kde
 # emerge kde-meta

Further, you must be able to log into the KDE in some manner, such as KDM. If not done, set up KDM:

File: /etc/rc.conf
Code: Setup KDM
 # rc-update add xdm default
 # /etc/init.d/xdm start

Step 1: Setting up the Taskbar

The major mark of XFCE and many box WMs is the centered taskbar. Thus we will start there.

Optional, Top Taskbar

Now you should have a bar across the top of the screen for your tasks. Many users I know do not like the taskbar in this location; however, I've seen it this way and like it.

Step 2, Main Panel

h This part of the guide will set up the signiture, centered panel for the faux-box setup.

Now the desktop should resemble something like XFCE.

Step 3, Desktop

Optional -- You may want to name your desktops.

Step 4, Window Dragging

This should have the feel of many of the lighter weight WMs.

Step 5, Menus and More

Sorry about this, but if you really want a light WM, you need to set up the menus to contain less items. This can be done by right clicking the K menu and chooseing "Menu Editor".

Also, I prefer Fuzzy Clock as my clock.

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