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To install KWord, there are a number of ways: through koffice, koffice-meta, kword... To use koffice, you can do:

emerge -av app-office/koffice

To get KOffice for your language, you might also want to install the internationalization package:

emerge -av app-i18n/koffice-i18n

KWord and spelling checking (using aspell)

In a nutshell, if you plan on using spellcheck with KWord kde-base/kdelibs needs to be (re)emerged with the spell USE flag. However, this section goes through the main steps from nothing to KWord using aspell.

(Re-)Emerge kdelibs with spell USE flag

Please check that the spell USE flag is indeed activated. For example, you can use

equery uses kde-base/kdelibs


eix kde-base/kdelibs

If the spell USE flag is not yet activated, you should put spell in your USE section of your /etc/make.conf or to your /etc/portage/package.use. Then re-emerge kde-base/kdelibs:

emerge -av kde-base/kdelibs
Note: This will also add spell checkin support for all other KDE text editing applications such as KWrite, Kile, KPresenter and others.

Install aspell

Assuming after your kdelibs emerged fine with the spell USE flag on, you need to install a spellchecker. aspell is a fine choice.

emerge -av aspell-en
Note: Portage should tell you that it will install aspell because aspell-en is dependent on it.

aspell-en is the English dictionary. You can do a search for your dictionary of choice:

emerge -s aspell | less

Press q to exit less.

Setting up KDE's spellcheck

Now that you have a spellchecker, you need to tell KDE that your spellchecker exists and to use it in KDE-aware/KDE-family applications.

To open the Control Center hit ALT + F2 and use the command kcontrol.

Navigate to KDE Components > Spell Checker


Under Client choose aspell. Under Dictionary, choose the language you want.

Test your spell check

Try testing your spell check. Open KWord and type some real words and then some fake ones. If all went well, your misspelled words should be picked up and corrected. If not, you could spell check it yourself.

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