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You had an 1.0.x version. You switched to the 1.5.x version and it apears that:

Mozilla 1.5 tested on a piii 700 with 320MB ram in gentoo (more than 2005.0 (don't know wich coreutils versions my installation match) with -02 (-03 failled to compile kdevelop and there is not much differences) -march=pentium3 and -pipe. It worked well on a celeron-p4-mobile with 256MB RAM and Windows (but when you see config files in the linux version of mozilla you see that is is made for windows).


You can add a dangerous tabed browsing extention (that adds more weight to the 1.0 mozilla).

It's called tabbrowser extentions and it's at Remember it's dangerous and Mozilla highly discorage it's use, but it's cited in a mozilla wishlist faq.

Advantages and Disavantages

More on advantages and disavantages

I selected the basic tab browsing setting after installation. I have not tested it in my slow computer that has the 1.5 version. I'll downgrade and test it (so i need to recompile firefox and that will take a while. That's why I've not tested it yet). Please tell your configuration if you test it. It can be useful.

By the way the settings of this extention (very interesting; can behave like Opera) can be acessed in mozilla:
toosl->extentions , then click on this extention and select options

It would be great if someone split this huge program and work on it (I don't have the skills).

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