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System-wide by compiling as module

Compile PC Speaker support as module:

Device drivers -->
 Input device support -->
  [*] Miscellaneous devices -->
   <M> PC Speaker support

Now you can enable the speaker by loading the module:

modprobe pcspkr

And disable it by unloading pcspkr:

modprobe -r pcspkr

This en/disables the speaker system-wide for every program.

Console beeps / PC speaker on/off

How to turn the annoying pc-speaker beeps on and off

If you like to temporary stop the PC speaker from working and it's install as modules (check with: lsmod pcspkr), just remove the 'pcspkr' module using: 'rmmod pcspkr'


In Xfree/Xorg you can turn the PC-speaker bell on and off with the xset commands option b

xset b off or xset -b
-to execute at X startup:
  -in fluxbox in /home/user/.fluxbox/startup uncomment/add xset -b
  -in gnome(2) in Sytem-->Preferences-->Sessions-->Startup Programs-->Add-->xset -b


To turn off the pc speaker on console mode use setterm with the argument blength

Example (turns it off):

setterm -blength 0

[edit] With a recent setterm there is also a bfreq option, which, when combined with blength, allows you to change the sound to something less annoying. Just play with those 2 options until you get a sound you can tolerate, then stick the setterm command in one of your startup scripts. After lowering the pitch and halving the duration, I've decided to keep the beep for now.  :)


Edit /etc/inputrc and add or uncomment the following:

File: /etc/inputrc
set bell-style none

If you're running a suitable kernel (all 2.6 and a few of the more extreme 2.4), you can also disable PC Speaker in the kernel config. It is under Input Devices.

Really forever

Unplug the speaker from the motherboard.

Virtual PC speaker / Un-really forever

To have beeps play the sound file of your choice, see: HOWTO Virtual PC Speaker

TCSH Shell nobeep option ==

Very simple to do just type the following command

set nobeep

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