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A list of portage utilities that aren't in portage. These are utilities or applications that would fit in the app-portage category, not general Gentoo related software.

Cleaning Utilities

eclean (bug page)

Note: eclean is now part of app-portage/gentoolkit. (homepage)

misc dist tidiers (forums)

pkdep (forums) (forums)

unmerge-rdep (forums)

yacleaner (forums) (download)

Unclepine (forums) (download)

clean-binary-packages (download) (forums)

etc-update replacements


cfg-update (forums)

config-rename (homepage)

etc-proposals (homepage)

Emerge Utilities

appear (forums)

bumper (download) (forum)

bemerge (forums)

eMenu (download)

efetch-wrapper (homepage)

ehush (download) (forum) (forums)

emerge-webrsync (download)

femerge (forums)

glcu - gentoo linux cron update (homepage) (forums)

gportage (homepage)

portal (homepage)

pye (Pick Your Emerge) (download) (forums)

rmerge (homepage)

rtkmerge (homepage)

semerge (forums)

update-live-ebuilds (forums)

update-world (Forums) (GWN Article)

Informational Utilities

compileTime (forums)

earch (download)

etcat (forums)

eix (homepage) (forums)

eprogress (forums)

fastsearch (download) (download)

gest (homepage) (forum)

portlog-info (download)

portpeek (forums)

tsportageview (forums) (sample-html-output) (ebuild) (homepage)

ViewPortageX (kde-look)

pkg-ages (pkg-ages)

Miscellaneous Utilities

distdir_overlay (forums)

dynamic deltup server (homepage) (forums)

einjected (download)

ecatmur's stuff (homepage)

GLIS (homepage)

imlate (download) (download) (forums) (download) (forums)

license-checker (download (homepage)

USE & CFLAGS Related Utilities

bininfo (forums)

Gufo (homepage)

used (forums)

profuse (download)

usechange (download)

usetool (download) (forum)

Uncategorized Utilities

md5check (md5check)

portage toys (thread) (forum)

regenpkgdb (download)

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