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ROX-Filer is a fast and powerful graphical file manager for the X Window System.

Video Thumbnails in ROX

By default ROX-Filer has thumbnailing disabled, and when enabled only supports some basic image formats. The thumbnail suport can be expanded by using VideoThumbs which will allow ROX-Filer to generate and display thumbnails for most common video formats.

Firstly if you havn't already done so, you must enable basic thumbnail display in ROX-Filer, right click on a black section of Rox, select Options>Filer windows>Thumbnail and make sure that "Show image thumbnails is selected".

To install videothumbnail, just

emerge rox-extra/videothumbnail

( You must have rox-lib version 2 or higher ) and run Videothumbnail and install handlers.

OR install manually by: grabbing latest VideoThumbnails package at . Next change to the directory where you wish to install VideoThumbs (~/Apps or /usr/share might be good choices) and extract it:

tar zxvf VideoThumbnail-0.?.?.tar.gz

Once it is extracted you will need to install the handlers. Execute the AppRun file as the user you want to enable thumbnailing with and select the "Install handlers" button, then click "OK". ROX-Filer should now be able to generate thumbnail images for most common video formats.

VideoThumbs is only configured to handle most common video files however it can eaiserly be modified to handle any video that mplayer can display. If you want to enable other video formats, edit the AppInfo.xml file and add the correct MIME-Types near the end, then reinstall the handlers. You can find the mime-type by right clicking on the file and selecting properties.

Here is a modifed entry that allows thumbnails to be created for .mkv video files.

File: AppInfo.xml
    <MimeType type="video/mpeg"/>
    <MimeType type="video/quicktime"/>
    <MimeType type="video/x-msvideo"/>
    <MimeType type="video/x-ms-wmv"/>
    <MimeType type="video/x-ms-asf"/>
    <MimeType type="audio/x-pn-realaudio"/>
    <MimeType type="application/x-matroska"/>

MagickThumbs can also be used in a similar way to expand the number of image files that have thumbnails generated to include things such as font previews for ttf files, Acrobat reader PDF files and gimp XCF files. MagikThumbs can be obtained from

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Using Archive in ROX

Archive is a very easy to use program for creating and extracting file archives.


emerge rox-extra/archive

You might want to emerge rar and unrar too.

emerge rar unrar


You can add a simlink to /usr/bin/Archive in your "Send To" dir for your convinience and/or set "set run action" to Archive.

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