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The Gentoo-based SystemRescueCD now supports Reiser4, and can be used to do a from-scratch Gentoo install on a Reiser4 partition.

The Jackass! Project

The Jackass! Project has published its 2006.1 Minimal Installation CD which includes support for the Reiser 4 filesystem using a 2.6.16 kernel. It is a 50 MB download and is available at:

The Conrad Projects

The Conrad Projects for gentoo linux has available the Conrad LiveCD. Version 1.0.0 supports reiser4, mplayer (videos and songs), kernel 2.6.17 + linux-headers 2.6.17, irc, instant messanging, and a lot of other neat tools.

GParted Live CD / Live USB

New GParted Live CD / Live USB releases support reiser4. With only 30 MB they feature an X server for running GParted and a graphical Terminal (and nothing else).

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