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A small script to show and hide the ROX-panel. This is very useful if you like me use ROX together with ie. Fluxbox and don't use the pinboard and don't like to have the panel displayed all the time but like to juse use it sometimes for ie. dragging files to some kind of handlers from the ROX-Filer.


Make a new dir where you store your ROX applications, ~/Choices/apps/ROX/ in my case and name it ShowHidePanel.

Make a new file, name it AppRun and put the following there:


APP_DIR=`dirname "$0"` export APP_DIR

if [ -f "/tmp/ROX_PANEL_VISIBLE" ]
  exec rox --left=
  touch "/tmp/ROX_PANEL_VISIBLE"
  exec rox --left=PANEL

Also put a file named AppInfo.xml there where you put:

<?xml version="1.0"?> 
  <Summary>Show/Hide ROX-panel</Summary>
    <Purpose>Show and Hide the ROX-panel</Purpose>
    <License>GNU General Public License</License>

Run the script and let the panel come up, if you also want a button on the panel to hide the panel just drag the dir to the panel.

Now it's time to make some smart way of calling the script, you can for example bind it to some key. And you can also make it come up automatically when you insert an USB memory stick.

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