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Did you know you can shutdown while installing Gentoo? No, really! It's (almost) safe!

Warning: Be VERY careful with this. If you've never used the terminal before, don't even consider this. This article CAN break your (incomplete) installation!

Shutting down

Stop every process working on your installation at a safe point. For example, emerge should be stopped when it is NOT merging to / or finalizing a merge to /. For example, you can generally safely stop emerge while it is compiling source or downloading a tarball.

Warning: Once again, be VERY careful. If you're not sure, then don't do it.

Once every busy process has been killed, you can simply

shutdown -h now

or sometimes


to shutdown your machine.

Continuing installing

To recover/contine, boot with the liveCD, now follow the handbook up to and including the chroot and the following two environment setting commands with two important exceptions.

  1. Skip the section on using fdisk to partition your drive
  2. Skip the section on making filesystems on your partitions.

Your partitions are made and formatted already, doing it again will destroy what you have already done.

You are now back in your install where you left off. If you were doing an emerge,

emerge --resume

will carry on from the start of the package in progress when you shut down.

Warning: Once again, be VERY careful. Don't shutdown your machine when it's not 100% necessary. You WILL be considered an idiot if you break your install this way.
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