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This great little plugin displays the status of all of your Gaim accounts at the bottom of your buddy list or in a new window.

Note: This tip is specific for Gaim version 1.x and Account_State version 1.0. This plugin only needs to be installed once per version.


You can download the source at Gaim's Sourceforge plugin project page. Make sure to download the newest version usally located at the bottom of all the downloads. You need gaim's source code, so copy it from $DISTDIR/gaim-<version> to your home directory.


Go to Gaim source code directory so that you can run the configure script:

cd $HOME/gaim-<version>
./configure --prefix=/usr --datadir=/usr/share

Go into the Gaim source code plugin directory and modify

File: $HOME/gaim-<version>/plugins/



And after it add:


Move account_state.tgz to the Gaim source code plugin directory and unpack:

mv ~/account_state.tgz $HOME/gaim-<version>/plugins
tar -xzf account_state.tgz

Move to for global usage or per user:

mv $HOME/.gaim


mv $PREFIX/lib/gaim

That's it

Restart Gaim, enable and configure plugin settings via Gaim preferences.

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