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Error: tar: This volume is out of sequence

When an attempt to restore a multi-volume backup is made, an error occurs as the second disk is inserted as follows:

cd /directorytorestoreto
tar -xv -L 123264 -M -f /dev/hdd ./
hdd: unknown partition table
tar: This volume is out of sequence


The cause of this error is not currently known, but is suspected to be due to a bug in the tape archiver program. A similar error relating to tape drives has recently been fixed, so maybe this is a side effect of that error. (Tests are pending at Mark Hobley's Open Source Laboratory

Outstanding Queries

Laser servo diskettes do not normally have a partition table, and I am using the whole disk. Should I be creating a partition table and using device /dev/hdd1 instead? There has never been a problem with single volume backups.

What about the error "This volume is out of sequence"? The volume definately is not out of sequence.

What method does tar use to determine whether the inserted volume is the correct one?

The other problem is that during restore I have to insert all disks in sequence, even if I only want one file, which I know is on a later disk. Is there a way to force tar to start reading from the inserted volume without having to start from disk one?

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