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TS-7800 Single Board Computer


This article is only a stub - It was 'stubbed' in order to provide instructions for creating-from-scratch and / or downloading-a-prebuilt toolchain for the TS-7800 SBC.

This article should be written with the same 'general' feel as the previous articles (See Bottom).

Please include an overview of the differences between the TS-7[23]xx machines and the TS-78xx. For starters, the main architectural difference is the change from a 200 MHz Cirrus ep93xx SoC to a 500 MHz Marvell chip.

The original author of this and the other TS72xx pages would be happy to host the binaries for prebuilt toolchains as well as any portage overlays necessary to build the toolchains from scratch.

The suggested toolchain name is X-X-X-X which follows the usual arch-fpu-os-libc 4-tuple convention.

As convention really simplifies documentation, the next editor of this page might want to simply copy and paste the original Technologic Systems TS-72xx and go from there.

Note that the TS-73xx boards as well as the TS-78xx boards use the linux-booting-linux or 'fastboot' way of booting which was initiated by Jessie Off (?) from Technologic Systems.

Hacking the fastboot system was not covered in either of the previous TS72xx pages. Nor was runtime kernel image replacement in flash or runtime RedBoot(tm) configuration.

If anyone has or wants to hack these, then please post some documentation for the rest of us :)


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