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I'm done now, but did I make it work? That's indeed a good question. To answer it, I made a perl-script that draws some graphs. I always have it running on my own server, you can go there to watch the graphs and download the script

Setting the upload rate

One important thing is to set your upload rate right. If you set it too high, the queue moves to the DSL-modem. If you set it too low, you don't utilize your bandwidth. It has to be just right.

To test this

Now keep an eye on the ping times as you change the upload rate. Try typing something in your ssh session. I promise, you'll notice when the upload rate is too high.

Finally you can run a test with the game Enemy Territory. It requires a lot of small packets to be sent in a hurry. Hold down tab to see your latency.


tc-viewer provides the ability to watch current transfers that take place in HTB and HFSC traffic shaping classes on specified interface. Download script from here and the default configuration. Run chmod +x tc-viewer and modify tc-viewer.conf to your needs. You can start tc-viewer by executing tc-viewer --conf=tc-viewer.conf. Please visit the website of tc-viewer for more information. With this script you can see whether all classes are working as expected.

Graphical qdisc and class map

Another useful script is Stef Coene's show_qos one. It gets a list of the classes and qdiscs and generates a .dot file. If Graphviz is enabled, it will convert this .dot file to an image. You only need the script which you can get here. Open it in an editor and modify the first four variables. This script is very useful because you can easily get an overview of all classes and can figure out errors in a trice. Andreas Klauer has written a script called tc-graph which has been inspired by show_qos. You can get it from here. Remember configuring it. On a Gentoo machine, it probably look like this:


tc_graph has some interesting features like showing the filters in the graph. Like with show_qos, this script requires Graphviz to render an image file:

Code: Render an image using tc-graph
perl >
dot -Tpng -o tc-graph.png

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