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So, you've got compiz running, now what do you do with it?


Custom keybindings

To allow any keybinding to execute a command through compiz you need to edit two keys. the first apps/compiz/general/screen0/options/command[x] is the actual command you can run. Compiz supports up to 11 custom bindings at the moment, numbered [x] = 0 to [x] = 10. To change the keybinding which triggers the running of this command edit apps/compiz/general/screen0/options/run_command[x] and specify the keybinding to trigger the specific command

Slow animation

In order to show of the brilliance of compiz and it's cube to all your friends, you can press <Shift> F10 which causes compiz to slow down it's animations. Combined with a multi sided cube this can have a rather nice effect! [see below]. To change the keybinding for slow animation look in apps/compiz/general/screen0/options/slow_animations

Change number of screens on cube (for Gnome)

To change the number of screens on the cube, go into gconf-editor and change the key apps/compiz/general/screen0/options/size. The default is 4; I've currently got it set to 6, for a hexagonal desktop "cube". You can set it to any value between 4 and 10. If you set it outside that range, it won't fail, but you'll get the nearest number in range to whatever you set -- for instance, if you set it to 100, you only get 10 screens.

Add an image to the top of the cube

Add the path to an png or svg image to the keys apps/compiz/plugins/cube/screen0/options/images_bottom apps/compiz/plugins/cube/screen0/options/images_top This does not seem to work with the number of screens set to other than 4.

Add a "skydome" image

A skydome image is an image which will be displayed behind the rotating cube, rather than just a boring black screen. Images have to be on the PNG format (or any other image format if you have the appropriate plugin enabled), as long as both width and height are a power of two everything is fine (eg: 512x512,1024x1024, max 2048x2048). To add a skydome image, add the path to the image to the gconf key apps/compiz/plugins/cube/screen0/options/skydome_image, and also set 'skydome' to true in the same place.

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