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Compiz starts, but no window-decorations, or unable to move/resize windows

Update compiz and check if >=metacity-2.16

RoyBoy626 writes: You are interested in the plugins 'decoration', 'move', and 'resize'.

$ gconftool-2 -R /apps/compiz/plugins | grep decoration


If you don't get a similar response, use gconf-editor to add decoration to the plugins

$ gconf-editor

Select apps / compiz / general / allscreens / options

edit "active_plugins"

add "decoration", "move", and "resize" to the list

Ref. : howto's : "HOWTO Compile, install, and run Compiz for nvidia users V2"; Step 8 "Setting up Compiz"

Compiz starts, but no effects are visible

Check if GConf schema was correctly installed:

gconftool-2 -R /apps/compiz/plugins | grep plugins

make sure that all plugins are listed (not only fade!). If not, try to install compiz schema manually (do this as normal user, not as root!!!):

gconftool-2 --install-schema-file=/etc/gconf/schemas/compiz.schemas

CCSM don't use changed settings

Intro: I used the Overlay and there Compize-Fusion-Wiki-Installation. After following the instructions, my CCSM don't keep his settings. --ChrisJumper

The solution is to emerge fusion-icon!

1. Unmask the following Packages, so add them in /etc/portage/packages.keywords

x11-apps/fusion-icon **
dev-python/PyQt4 ~x86
dev-python/sip ~x86


# emerge fusion-icon

3. Optional: If you use Gnome, add fusion-icon in your autorun

$ gnome-session-propperties

3a. Klick the Add-Button in the first tap.

Name: fusion-icon
Command: fusion-icon

Flash 7.0 content crashes in Firefox

If you notice that Firefox crashes upon navigation to a site with Flash content but the problem is gone when you comment out the Option "Composite Enable", try adding this:

File: /etc/env.d/09flashfix

But be aware that this option can introduce problems with other programs, such as Beryl/Emerald. In my case, there were no window decorations visible until I removed this option.

Segmentation Fault occurs when running compizrc

If Segmentation Fault occurs when running compizrc, try adding:

File: /usr/bin/compizrc

above the line /usr/bin/compiz

If you still get a Segmentation Fault, and used Compiz from Portage, try to re emerge with dbus enabled

File: Emerge
USE="dbus" emerge compiz 

JAVA program does not show contents

If java programs do not show contents, export this to fix.

File: env export
export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit

For detail, here is its upstream and this will be fixed in future version.

Swsusp2 with Compiz and aiglx

Suspending with compiz never worked well for me under xgl but I've finally got it working under AIGLX. To suspend, I made a little script that would replace compiz with metacity prior to hibernation.

This assumes you have a working swsusp2 kernel already installed. Create the file /usr/bin/prepare and /usr/bin/resume

  nano /usr/bin/prepare
File: /usr/bin/prepare
killall gnome-window-decorator &
killall compiz &
metacity --replace gconf &
  nano /usr/bin/resume
File: /usr/bin/resume
sudo killall gnome-window-decorator &
sudo killall metacity &
DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/compizrc &

Then make the files executable

  chmod +x /usr/bin/prepare
  chmod +x /usr/bin/resume

I needed to add killall to my sudo list otherwise I was unable to kill metacity if i hibernated as a user.


Add the following entry to the file that opens

  (insert user name here) ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/killall

Note: this is a major security risk and should only be done if you are confident that you are the only person who will use "sudo killall". Once done, execute /usr/bin/prepare just prior to hibernating. Metacity will replace compiz and hibernate successfully. Upon resume, execute /usr/bin/resume, and compiz will restore properly. You can have this done automatically if you add the following entries to your /etc/hibernate/hibernate.conf file:

File: /etc/hibernate/hibernate.conf
### misclaunch
OnSuspend 20 /usr/bin/prepare &
OnResume  20 /usr/bin/resume &
Note: Note that there is a small problem when the desktop is run by user (not super user). The /usr/bin/resume will be run as super user, thus all compiz settings will be taken from super user account (root). Grzegorz Dymarek 23:12, 11 February 2007 (GMT)
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