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After leaving your chroot, you may want to unmount your chroot. The problem described here does not seem to appear if you have followed the instructions in PantherChroot exactly, but we would like some confirmation on that before this section is changed. Instead, you should not see the error message and be able to detach your chroot cleanly.

You can issue the following command twice:

Code: unmounting /dev filesystems
sudo umount /Volumes/Dargentoo/dev/

and this should work without any problems. However, when you try

Code: unmounting volfs
sudo umount /Volumes/Dargentoo/.vol/

you will see the error message

Code: umount error
umount: /Volumes/Dargentoo/.vol: not currently mounted

which is obviously wrong. Accordingly, you cannot unmount your chroot completely. Your chroot will, of course, not remain mounted after a reboot.

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